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2 anos atrás
I've tagged version 0.5c of my Clean theme. Mostly because of the Friendica color preset.

@Friendica Theme Developers
2 anos atrás
I only want one "bike" tag pointing at your collection of bikes, but if @Michael Vogel has another collection, it's not fair that we can't check out his collection, even if he adds his tag! (Ok, I do see the tagger tag link shown in the "xxx tagged post with yyyy", but associated with the post there's a single tag listed)
2 anos atrás
The tags will always link back to the instance of the tagging user.
Rationale is that the tagging user should have a collection of related posts already tagged.
Let's say I write a post about bikes. @Michael Vogel would like to add a "bike" tag to relate my post to his enormous collection of posts about biking.

That said, (i didn't check but looks like) code collect tags in post and keep only the first. Which is logic. if I have a post like
"Here is my #bike, my great #bike ! my #bike is better than your #bike !"
you only want one tag "bike" on post footer..
2 anos atrás
Hmm you are right. The tagging does only work for the user who has tagged it. It links to his/her instance where I get a message: "No results".
2 anos atrás
So I tagged "#proposal" again, but the #proposal tag is a link to a search on Roland's node, not on my node. Also, I see a comment of myself adding the tag, but not of Roland's doing that (I'm not connected with Roland)
Steffen K9
3 anos atrás
Doppel G ist doch auch unstrittig. Die Frage ist, wie es endet? Auf ...ed oder komplett eingedeutscht auf ...t. Also: getaggED vs. getaggT
Steffen K9
3 anos atrás
Guten Tag. :-) Wenn man tagged ins Deutsche übernimmt, sollte es dann nicht konsequenterweise "getaggt" heißen? (Nicht zu verwechseln mit "getagt")
3 anos atrás de open socialverse
With markiert the problem is more, that starred is also markiert. I've changed it to getagged now, eventhough the translation gets longer by this.
3 anos atrás
@Friendica Theme Developer @Friendica Support @Friendica Developers @UX Watchdogs
Can we rename "Search results for:" in "Results for:" in and

It would be really nice to have something shorter (especial for mobile).

I'm also looking vor a replacement for "Items tagged with:"
Btw. The german translation should rather use the translation "getagged" than "makiert" since it is more common in german language for hashtags
3 anos atrás de open socialverse
But noscript has a different scope then LibreJS. LibreJS is not meant to block all JS from execution.

The problem with LibreJS is that almost no one tags their JavaScript as being libre licensed so that LibreJS disables them. If they would be tagged as FLOSS the JS would be executed. And then whitelisting does not work perfectly. e.g. the calendar in quattro and clean is not filled with the addon active and my domain being whitelistet. Which was basically the killer flaw, as I'm using my Friendica calendar as a reminder for important stuff.
3 anos atrás de open socialverse
I don't think we need those branches. I don't see them hurting either ;-)

The historians have the git history and the tagged releases.
3 anos atrás
it should be done that way..

At the moment is quite random...

3.4.3-2 has been tagged
Markus I.
7 anos atrás
git pull
Hey there,
I've got a problem with the git repository of #diabook
I cloned it to my /view/theme folder, but now I can't do a git pull. It says:

[marmor@aquarius theme]$ git pull
Updating f55ffcd..792031c
error: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by merge:
Please move or remove them before you can merge.

Hope someone can help me, I looked for some answers on google, but didn't find something that worked and honestly didn't understand what the problem really is.

thanks in advance!
Mr. X
6 anos atrás
We now have all the pieces in place for Red channels which work exactly like Friendica forums.

All a remote channel needs is "tag_deliver" permission, and if the target channel is tagged in a post, it sets up a second delivery chain to all of that channel's followers. You can do this with any channel , but it's probably most useful for tagging forums.

The most important setting to make this work is "automatic permissions" which applies your chosen permissions (which in this case would include "tag_deliver") to all incoming connections without requiring your intervention.

Starting with new channel creation, type a name and you've got a forum in 3 clicks (*).

(*) Submit the new channel, "Automatic Permissions" in the sidebar, "Forum Settings".

No mess no fuss.
7 anos atrás
#friendica 2.34 tagged. UI cleanup, contact management, friend suggestions, "common contacts", poco, and a fix for issues friending people who are using "derivative" themes. Dropdown @-tag completion (posts and comments). OAuth and gwibber connectivity to the API. Better Diaspora photo handling. "share url"/bookmarking is now opengraph aware. The name has changed.

And more.
Mike Macgirvin
8 anos atrás
Here's the basic idea of the Friendika 2.4 tag feature as currently envisioned...

Each message has a clickable icon or menu entry (depending on the theme) which calls the "tag" action. This can be initiated by any person with access to view the post/photo/event/bookmark/whatever and the ability to store data.

This brings up a small box with a text input field and a checkbox. The text field is where you enter the tag. The checkbox indicates whether this tag is published or private.

Private tags are a no-brainer. They're slapped ono your copy of an item and it just gives you something else you can search for.

Published tags are like a comment or "like/dislike"- they go back to the original message creator who distributes them to all concerned. They are sent as ActivityStream activities. This assumes you have a relationship with the item owner which allows your content to be seen by him/her.

The ActivityStream entry allows you to see posts in your "New Item View" which indicates "Huberto tagged Charise's Bookmark with the word 'burritos'". These tags also become a part of the original item and may be shared with or searched by everybody that can see the original item (perhaps displayed in a popup panel on request, depending on the theme).

The item owner or author can remove the tag activity - which by extension removes the tag from the item. This propagates downstream - except if initiated by the item owner, it isn't removed from the item on the person who created the tag. The tag creator can always use it as a private tag, without requiring any permission from the item owner. 

This may sound quite complicated (and it is) but I think it will provide the best experience for community tagging, and should be largely intuitive in practise. Making this work as described will be hard. It essentially brings the act of tagging into the mainstream as a fully featured partner to "like" and I hope solves all the privacy and spam concerns that we've seen in the past associated wth public tagging.
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