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What we need is a test runner that can both use Webpack to assemble our code, but also execute our tests using Jasmine.

That test runner that is Karma


First, we'll install it

> yarn add -D karma


Because Karma has no default test framework, we must install one for the framework we're using. In this case, that's Jasmine:

> yarn add -D karma-jasmine


Why not just instal karma-jasmine and have that pick up the dependency on karma? No idea. This is JavaScript, and we don't get nice things.

frack. I'm out.

The article tries to teach how to use webpack, and how to add tests to javascript programs. And while it tells you that "tons of blog posts around the web aren't enough to learn" and "They just let you copy-paste tons of json config files", it also imply that anyway you'll learn one of tons of different ways to do this thinks, and that nothing is inter-compatible.
So you'll end copy-pasting a tons of command and hope you'll get the same results as in the blog.

(and note, until yesterday, everyone was using 'npm', but "now you should use Yarn", because... reasons.. and seasons.. and moon phases.. and f**k your month spent to understand how to build a project with npm and bower)
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Ich hab die Welt dann später auf der FIfFKon installiert. Was zwischen Leipzig und Jena bei der DB nicht funktionierte, ging da in 15 Minuten...
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Laravel Queue Systemd service
Here a .service file to keep laravel queue worker running with systemd


Description=Laravel Queue

ExecStart=/usr/bin/php /full/path/to/artisan queue:work -vv



Save it as /etc/systemd/system/laravel-queue.service
Put your actual full path to artisan command
then run

# systemctl daemon-reload
# systemctl enable laravel-queue
# systemctl start laravel-queue
10 meses atrás
I've installated The Void (Linux) distribution on my good old eeePC with the XFCE flavour (they have several flavours using Gnome, Enlightenment, Cinnamon, LXDE, MATE and XFCE).


Works quite well and is nice fast on the old device. All the needed packages were easily found in the package manager, networking (wired and unwired) works, as do the function keys :-)
Thomas Willingham
10 meses atrás
It is a snapshot of RedMatrix at the moment RedMatrix, Friendica, and Hubzilla directories could all sync with each other. That is, as the directories could share the profiles and updates they were aware of, rather than just import from the various networks.

I'm stripping out all the bits of RedMatrix that aren't a directory. Arguably, I should have started with nothing, and added all the bits that are a directory, but this way it works, right now and can be cleaned up incrementally.

What will be left (tl;dr = a standalone application you can just install and have a working, federated directory that syncs automatically, and can be searched locally or remotely):

The ability to import Friendica, RedMatrix, Diaspora, Hubilla, and oStatus profiles.
The ability to import RSS authors.
The ability to import arbitrary vCards(*).

The ability to expire profiles.
The ability to remove profiles.
The ability to censor/self-censor profiles (with a user option to turn safe search on or off).
The ability for profile owners to hide profiles.

The ability for directories to sync knowledge of the profiles (and updates to profiles) so that all directories have knowledge of all profiles for the protocols they serve, and importantly, sync changes to the vcard searchable flag so a user may remove themselves from the results of all directories just by changing their own personal vcard.

Distributed search. Distributed search sucks, but it's basically okay with a very limited number of peers. One will be able to run a directory that serves just one protocol, but deliver results for all protocols via a distributed search to directories. That is, your directory may only serve Diaspora, and sync with other Diaspora directories, but when the directory is searched, it can ask a different directory to provide results for Friendica.

Ability to filter results based on protocol (federated directories are all well and good, but you're probably only interested in those you have some way of actually connecting to), as well as profile fields like location, interest, keywords, names, etc

Directory POCO ratings. There has been some strong opposition to this from the Friendica side of things, but they're absolutley required on the RedMatrix side of things, and wanted on the Hubzilla side of things, so we're not sure how this is going to work yet. We're going to thrash it over when it gets closer to a thing that works properly.

An interface for searching the directory directly.

Ability for observers to store their personal search settings at a given directory (will require some authentication layer).

JSON feeds for search results so that an arbitrary website can act as a directory client, and include results within their own website. (Screen shots of a prototype of this working in Friendica are in my photo albums )

An admin panel.

Ostatus does not work at all yet. Distributed search does not work at all yet. Everything else is either already working, or already partially working.

(*) When I talk about vCards, in this post, and in general, that's for berevity. I'm aware they're often hCards, jCards, or whatever.
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@Arch Linux

Arch Linux - News: ca-certificates-utils 20170307-1 upgrade requires manual intervention

The upgrade to ca-certificates-utils 20170307-1 requires manual intervention because a symlink which used to be generated post-install has been moved into the package proper. As deleting the symlink may leave you unable to download packages, perform this upgrade in three steps: Copyright © 2002-2017 Judd Vinet and Aaron Griffin. The Arch Linux nam...
Tim Schlotfeldt
11 meses atrás de TweetDeck
Grünes Licht um #ArchLinux auf auf einem dortigen root server zu installieren :-)
manitu GmbH wrote the following post:
@tschlotfeldt Nein, wir haben auch andere Kunden, die das im Einsatz haben.
Rebeka Catalina
11 meses atrás
Naja, die pacman pgp-keys koennten eventuell zum Problem werden.
Hatte ich gerade erst mit dem netbook eines ehemaligen Mitbewohners. Antegros seit Jahren nicht ge-updated. Zwar hatte ich das auf meinem laptop mal, dass es wegen der pacman pgp-keys Schwierigkeiten gab, aber auf dem netbook habe ich, als ich merkte, dass das wohl ein groesserer Aufwand ist, lieber neu installiert.
Tim Schlotfeldt
12 meses atrás de TweetDeck
DiWiSH Fachgruppe IT- #Security auf der New Energy Husum zusammen mit @energynetworkSH & watt_2.0

DiWiSH-Fachgruppe IT-Security: IT-Sicherheit für Erneuerbare Energien - DiWiSH – Digitale Wirtschaft Schleswig-Holstein (Clustermanagement)

Die meisten Betreiber von Anlagen zur Erzeugung erneuerbarer Energien fallen aufgrund Ihrer Größe (< 450 MW installierte Leistung) nicht unter die Einstufung für kritische …
Tim Schlotfeldt
12 meses atrás
Nice. Just switched my #Friendica installation to version 3.5.1rc. Works as expected :-)
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Für welche Angriffsszenarien gilt das? Also ich verschlüssel die Festplatte hauptsächlich damit der ehrliche Finder des u.U. verlegten Notebooks nicht weit kommt und eher geneigt ist das Gerät zurück zu geben - oder ein neues System zu installieren.
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Oh that is nice
fpc-announce escreveu:
Finally, as a Christmas present, we have placed the first release candidate
of the Free Pascal Compiler version 3.0.2 on our ftp servers.
After leaving DOS and Win3.1 with TurboPascal I used to use FreePascal and Lazarus for many years and still install them out of habit and sometimes even write a small program or two.

Downloads are here
Rebeka Catalina
1 ano atrás
Danke fuer's teilen. Ein Bekannter fragte mich, ob ich mir das nicht auch mal installieren wollte - darueber kann man auch "telefonieren" gell ?
Rebeka Catalina
1 ano atrás
Ja ich glaube auch, dass das ziemlich komplex ist - es wurde mir anstelle von MySQL empfohlen fuer Haushaltsbuchfuehrung. Mal sehen, ob das etwas fuer mich ist.
Die online-Dokumentation war am Tag der Installation leider nicht erreichbar und seitdem habe ich auch erstmal nicht wieder danach geschaut. Ich wollte halt gern weg vom webrowser mit den Bankaktionen. Ich bin da nicht oft drin, aber ich fuehle mich nie sonderlin wohl mit dem webbrowser darauf zuzugreifen.
Tim Schlotfeldt
1 ano atrás
Unsere Hausbank stellt auf #mTAN um. Gefällt mir nicht, da man die #TAN an nur eine Mobilnummer geschickt bekommt. Bei gemeinsamen Konten ist das wenig hilfreich. Alternativ darf man eine Banking-App installieren, was ich ja wiederum interessant finde, da ich so ein Smartphone eigentlich nicht für ein vertrauenswürdiges Gerät erachte. Außerdem befürchte ich, dass solche Apps der Banken schonmal aus Prinzip gar nicht auf gerooteten Geräten laufen …

Dabei wollen wir unser Banking eigentlich nur via #HBCI bzw. #FinTS abwickeln …
Elena ``of Valhalla''
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There a huge difference between a package repository maintained by a community with the aim to provide free software to the community itself and an apple store maintained by a company with the ultimate aim to gain money (directly through the sale commissions, by improving the perceived value of something they sell or with other less honest methods).

Of course a system that provided a community maintained package repository but didn't allow alternative methods of installing packages, even to advanced users, would have serious issues, but I don't really see a reason for it to happen.
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App Stores are a good idea; as are package repositories :-P but they should not be the only way to install software on a device.
Tim Schlotfeldt
1 ano atrás
Beim Lesen der Berichte über die neuen Google Phones (#Pixel statt #Nexus ) verspüre ich den starken Drang, den Rest der Familie noch schnell mit dem Google Nexus 5x auszurüsten und dort ein Cyanogenmod draufzupacken. Die 32GB-Variante ist derzeit für 270,00 Euro zu haben. Was meint ihr?

Google: Pixel löst Nexus-Smartphones ab -

Google macht Ernst und stellt die Nexus-Produktreihe ein. Dafür hat es zwei neue Pixel-Smartphones vorgestellt. Als Besonderheit ist Google Assistant vorinstalliert,
Tim Schlotfeldt
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Guter Hinweis! Die Festplatte ist mit dm-crypt vollverschlüsselt, Backups sind angelegt. Allerdings nur von der Datenpartition. Wenn ich Pech habe muss ich ArchLinux erneut installieren.

Aber nach BIOS/UEFI-Passwort ist nicht gefragt worden. Ob die wohl nochmal anrufen werden? Ich werde wohl lieber das Passwort deaktivieren ;-) Wenn ich so darüber nachdenke scheinen herzlich wenig Menschen ein BIOS-Passwort zu setzen …
1 ano atrás


alwsl - Install archlinux as the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) host.
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weil ich es nicht hinbekomme den Goblin zu installieren. 5 mal gescheitert reicht...
1 ano atrás de Friendly
SailfishOS ready to install. Everyone says SailfishOS os dead but I've already updated this phone more than my las android device. ...
2 anos atrás de open socialverse
@mk passed along a link for speed testing on the CLI, just installed it on the Jolla to see how the mobile connection compares to my connection at home x-)


speedtest-cli - Command line interface for testing internet bandwidth using
2 anos atrás de open socialverse
Thorsten Schmidt wrote the following post:
Wirklich hübsch gemachte Seite zum Einstieg in Linux:

Home | Linux Journey

What is Linux? Get started with choosing a distribution and installation. Learn the fundamentals of the command line, navigating files, directories and more. Learn basic text manipulation and navigation. Navigate text like a Linux spider monkey with vim and emacs. Learn about permission levels and modifying permissions. Learn about the running proc...
2 anos atrás
I write in German because I'am lazy :-) Das sollte auch kein Angriff/Kritik sein. Und war nicht gegen dich gerichtet. Wollte nur zum Ausdruck bringen, dass wir für vieles gute Konzepte brauchen und das in vielen Bereichen. Das mit dem Browser ist halt ein gutes Beispiel. Wie schaffen wir es das auf Smartphones das Ding immer noch gut aussieht und gut bedienbar ist. So habe ich es erstmal rausgelassen, weil ich einfach noch keine gute Idee hab. Und irgendwie fällt mir das bei so vielen Sachen auf. Teilweise bediene ich mich bei fremden Projekten um mir Inspiration zu holen, aber zu manchen Sachen fällt mir nichts gutes ein :-/

Nur als kleine Anmerkung (das soll nur eine Perspektive sein)
Bezüglich programmieren.... Ich persönlich fand es immer motivierender in bereits bestehenden Projekten "rumzufuschen" als von Grund auf alles von vorne zu lernen. Wann habe ich angefangen mit PHP? Glaub vor 1 1/2 Jahren. Erst Bugreports und dann versucht immer mal den Quellcode zu lesen. Zum größten Teil (andere werden da gerne widersprechen) ist PHP wenn man es ganz stark runter bricht zwei Sachen if/then Anweisungen und mache etwas mit einer Variable. Ich habe damals versucht friendica auf meinem Heimrechner zu installieren und dann Netbeans als IDE für debugging zu nutzen. Hat ganz schön lange gedauert bis es funktioniert hat. Aber ich konnte dann im Quellcode Haltepunkte setzen, an der Stelle an der die Ausführung es Codes pausiert werden sollte und ich konnte sehen vie sich die Variablen verändern. So hab ich stück für Stück verstanden was passiert. Viele Bereiche verstehe ich bis heute nicht (z.B. den ganzen Protokollkrams). Würde auch selber nicht sagen, dass ich viel Ahnung von der ganzen Materie habe :-) Aber man lernt halt immer ein Stückchen dazu. Und wenn man irgendwas nicht versteht, dann schaut man halt im Netz nach und wird meistens bei fündig.

Ach ja, trotzdem programmieren oder nicht programmieren ist eigentlich egal. Wir brauchen immer gute Bedienkonzepte und Ideen dazu. Ein Bsp. ist die Doku oder unsere Settings page. Ich finde das haben wir nicht gut gelöst. Da müsste mal aufgeräumt werden. Aber man müsste sich dem widmen und überlegen, wie man das besser strukturieren könnte und so dass es zum Schluss auch logisch aufgeht und trotzdem für zukünftige Sachen erweiterbar bleibt ohne, dass man es wieder komplett umschreiben muss, oder dass man dauernd nur etwas hinten dran klatscht und es immer unübersichtlicher wird. Und diese Aufgabe finde ich viel, viel schwieriger. So Sachen richtig logisch und richtig rund zu bekommen.

Ich stelle mir z.B. oft selbst die Frage, was mir lieber wäre. Meine lang vermissten Lieblingsfunktionen integriert zu haben oder das jemand kommt und Teile des Codes aufräumt (das zweiter würde man nach außen gar nicht mitbekommen). Aber ich komme immer wieder an den Punkt des sauberen Codes, weil es dann soviel andere Sachen einfacher machen würde (und auch verständlicher). Leider habe ich dafür zu wenig Visionen und zu wenig Wissen das selber machen zu können :-/
2 anos atrás de open socialverse
prepare for my bug report, when my personal theme is not working on a node where it is not installed ;-)
2 anos atrás
Mhh some things from my side:
This should be optional. And I'm not sure if it's a really good idea. Think about a very special blog theme which user b has installed. If user a is visiting user b profile page it could be that the theme of user a don't show the data as it should displayed.

There are 3 possibilities which come to my mind.
  • a cookie would contain this data
  • the url would contain this data (but this would very limited)
  • a callback to the users node which gets this data with json/xml
  • Sandro kensan
    2 anos atrás
    Io non so nulla di server ma acquistare un VPS, era installato Apache, io ho installato php e tutto ha funzionato da subito. Ho seguito una guida semplicissima fatta di una manciata di comandi, ho trovato la cosa stupendamente semplice. Su go lato server non so nulla e non mi esprimo. Mi pare (dico pare) di avere letto che go è un linguaggio adatto a lavori importanti mentre PHP risulta più difficile da gestire se il progetto è grosso. Però con php si può fare di tutto anche avere lo stretto controllo del tipo di dato oppure no...
    2 anos atrás
    @Sandro kensan ma vuoi mettere la facilita' di installare un'applicazione scritta in go ?

    $ ldd gogs (0x00007ffd795bd000) => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x00007f8cc22af000) => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x00007f8cc1f04000)
    /lib64/ (0x00007f8cc24cc000)
    Sandro kensan
    2 anos atrás
    @ Sandro ma vuoi mettere la facilità di installare un server LAMP?
    Rebeka Catalina
    2 anos atrás
    Wenn Du erstmal gucken willst, wie das aussieht, wuerde ich die Installation in einer VM vorziehen. Die kannst Du ja ggf. einfach loeschen.
    2 anos atrás de Feed
    OpenBSD on the eeePC
    Last week in preperation for the Linux Presentation Dat at LinuxWorks! LUG I started my good old eeePC (some 5 years old, but don't nail me down to an exact age) after some time. Doing so, I discovered that the Antergos Linux installed did not boot :-/ My guess is I did an update last time I used it and did not check the working state afterwards, but I'm not too sure about that. Anyway, as my time was limited over the weekend after the LPD on Saturday I opted for installing a new Linux instead of trying to repair the current one.

    I'm a distro-hopper anyway and have some itches underneath my fingernails with the Manjaro installation on my Thinkpad as well. So I figured this might even take some of that itching away...

    In the end I picked OpenBSD 5.9, for no particular reason really except that I was looking for a system for an old hardware. I played before a bit with a BSD on a RaspberryPi of mine and it worked well on the limited ressources of the Pi. So why not ;-)

    Basically I followed two tutorials by Gabriel Hautclocq for Installing OpenBSD 4.8 and then Install XFCE4 on OpenBSD.


    The only change I did from these tutorials was to use OpenBSD 5.9 instead of the 5.8 and omid the exact version number when installing software, so pkg_add would pick the current version. With this change, installation worked fine :-) Within the afternoon the old eeePC was alive again, running XFCE 4.12 and was very responsive for requests by the user, and had all important software installed.

    What Works?

    The X-Server, Mouse and keyboard worked out of the box, as did the wired and wireless network. I've not yet found any of my day-to-day software missing (Firefox, GIMP, LibreOffice, LaTeX, Python, R, gnuplot, zsh, geany, spacemacs [emacs]everything there).

    Suspending the running system to RAM is working, either by pressing the associated Fn-key or by closing the lid. Wireless networking awakes without a problem from standby.

    What does not Work?

    There art two things I've found which are not working at the moment. One is the brightness control of the display witht he associated keys. The other one is suspending the system to the disk and not only into RAM. I've not spend any time looking for a solution to the problem but I would prefer the system being able to dim the display to save some battery time.
    2 anos atrás
    LIFO wrote the following post:
    Genuino Day al FaberLab di Tradate
    questo sabato, il 2 Aprile, dalle ore 14:30 alle ore 20:00 si terra' un incontro speciale presso il FaberLab Tradate.
    Si tratta di un incontro aperto a tutti: chiunque puo' portare un proprio progetto (anche non finito) che usi hardware libero (Genuino, Arduino, Espruino, Raspberry, ....) per poterne spiegare le potenzionalita', i problemi e le soluzioni trovate.
    Cosi' come chiunque puo' venire solo per vedere e conoscere il mondo dell'hardware libero.

    Dalle ore 15:00 alle ore 16:30 (circa) si terra' inoltre un talk di Elena Grandi ("of Valhalla") dal titolo "Basi di Git": di seguito l'abstract del talk.


    Git è un sistema di gestione delle revisioni creato dagli sviluppatori del
    kernel Linux, ma progettato per adattarsi facilmente alle esigenze più
    disparate e a progetti di natura diversa, da pochi documenti personali
    a progetti complessi.

    È uno degli strumenti più usati dalle comunità mondiali di sviluppatori di
    Software Libero ed Open Source, ma anche dalle comunità Maker, anche grazie a
    siti come github che offrono spazio per la condivisione tramite git dei propri

    Il pomeriggio di sabato 2 aprile sarà dedicato alle basi del funzionamento di
    git: partendo da zero si arriverà ad essere in grado di gestire con git i file
    di un proprio progetto, condividendolo con altre persone sia tramite rete
    locale che, usando servizi esterni, via internet.

    I vari comandi verranno mostrati su proiettore, ma per partecipare attivamente
    è utile essere muniti di portatile; di preferenza sarebbe meglio un sistema
    linux con installati i pacchetti git e gitk dai repository della propria
    distribuzione; per sistemi windows e mac ci sono degli installer agli indirizzi o
    ma non ci sarà supporto per l'installazione.

    2 anos atrás de open socialverse
    Keine Ahnung, ich habe selber noch die Red Matrix installiert... ich würde vermuten wie bei Friendica auch; also in /help und auf github im Wiki eventuell.
    Tim Schlotfeldt
    2 anos atrás
    So, ich habe es installiert. Funktioniert einwandfrei, man muss nur wirklich ein komplettes Wipe vornehmen.
    2 anos atrás de Diaspora
    Ich bin bisher mit dem stable channel sehr zufrieden. Es ist natürlich ubuntu touch. Der desktop mode geht mit dem nexus 4 auch, weil es einen slimport hat. Auf dem Handy kannst alle Apps vom Ubuntu Store installieren. Siehe Im Desktop mode kann man sich auch mehr installieren, aber das ist dann gefrickel. Ich habe selber auf der Shell gefrickelt, damit Kalender und Kontakte mit meiner Owncloud gesynct werden. Das geht sonst glaub ich nur mit nem Google Account. Für meine Ansprüche reicht es. Whatsapp nutze ich im Moment noch auf meinem alten Samsung. Das will ich aber eh sein lassen. Ein jabber client wär noch schön und die Owncloud integration.

    Also es gibt noch bugs auf dem Gerät und auch bei den Apps. Darf man ja nicht verschweigen. Aber ich war wenig davon betroffen. Und es kommen fast täglich Aktualisierungen, die auch schon neue Features mitbringen.

    Beim Nexus 4 ist auch ein Dualboot möglich. Wenn es gewünscht ist, kann ich da nähere Infos raus suchen.
    2 anos atrás de Friendica for Android
    Direttamente su hdd semplicemente non si installa....
    2 anos atrás
    Io l'ho installato in virtualbox senza problemi..
    2 anos atrás de Friendica for Android
    Non sono riuscito ad installarlo sul picci' degli esperimenti....ero molto curioso....lo seguo da un po ....😃
    Jason Robinson
    2 anos atrás de Diaspora
    I dont have anything inside web root, LE is installed in /opt/letsencrypt, certs under /etc/letsencrypt or something and Apache used to verify the domain. Using the official letsencrypt-auto script, though Ubuntu 16.04 will ship LE in repos so soon moving to packages.
    n aranco
    2 anos atrás
    I have quite an old T60. I was able to install a new battery from a different manufacturer. It has worked well the last two years. Bought it on Amazon. I can dig up what store I bought it from.
    Tim Schlotfeldt
    2 anos atrás
    I did just a short search on heise online about Lenovo and Thinkpads:

    - Linux kills ThinkPad (an UEFI firmware bug), Feb. 2014
    - Security desaster because of the preinstalled Adware „Superfish“, Feb. 2015
    - Security related bug in Lenovo's System Update Service tool, May 2015

    Bad track record :-/
    2 anos atrás

    Unlocking my Lenovo laptop, part 1 –

    Two months ago, I bought a new battery for my Lenovo laptop (a ThinkPad X230T). I was about to go away on holidays and wanted a battery that could last me through a plane flight; the original battery was by then barely lasting ten minutes. Little did I know that I was about to be in for an adventure. I installed the new battery, and everything went...

    @Gruppo Linux Como
    Tim Schlotfeldt
    2 anos atrás
    Oha, das betrifft auch mein #ThinkPad. Akkus haben eine Firmware (Smart Battery Specification: SBS) und #Lenovo lässt nur noch eigene Akkus in den ThinkPads funktionieren :-(

    Unlocking my Lenovo laptop, part 1 –

    Two months ago, I bought a new battery for my Lenovo laptop (a ThinkPad X230T). I was about to go away on holidays and wanted a battery that could last me through a plane flight; the original battery was by then barely lasting ten minutes. Little did I know that I was about to be in for an adventure. I installed the new battery, and everything went...
    2 anos atrás de open socialverse
    I can tell you that generating new string.php files from messages.po files with PHP7 is not notably faster then with PHP5.6. It might in fact be faster (I have not made any measurements with neither version) but the task is done so fast, that it does not matter anyway ;-)

    I've not installed PHP7 on my node though.
    David Benfell
    2 anos atrás
    As to the update, that might be. I'm not sure.

    Here's what mysqltuner says. I've had trouble following its recommendations in the past so I'm not sure what to do now. The server in question is fairly hefty so I can probably tweak some variables:
    mysqltuner: /usr/local/bin/mysqltuner /usr/ports/databases/mysqltuner
    vegan# mysqltuner
    Please enter your MySQL administrative login: root
    Please enter your MySQL administrative password: >> MySQLTuner 1.6.0 - Major Hayden <>
    >> Bug reports, feature requests, and downloads at
    >> Run with '--help' for additional options and output filtering
    [--] Skipped version check for MySQLTuner script
    [OK]Currently running supported MySQL version 5.5.47-MariaDB
    [OK]Operating on 64-bit architecture

    -------- Storage Engine Statistics -------------------------------------------
    [--] Status: +Aria +CSV +InnoDB +MRG_MYISAM
    [--] Data in MEMORY tables: 0B (Tables: 2)
    [--] Data in MyISAM tables: 1G (Tables: 232)
    [--] Data in InnoDB tables: 2G (Tables: 1077)
    [!!] Total fragmented tables: 1091

    -------- Security Recommendations -------------------------------------------
    [OK]There is no anonymous account in all database users
    [OK]All database users have passwords assigned
    [!!] There is not basic password file list !

    -------- Performance Metrics -------------------------------------------------
    [--] Up for: 3d 12h 46m 22s (13M q [45.556 qps], 152K conn, TX: 248B, RX: 1B)
    [--] Reads / Writes: 95% / 5%
    [--] Binary logging is disabled
    [--] Total buffers: 2.8G global + 21.6M per thread (512 max threads)
    [OK]Maximum reached memory usage: 3.9G (24.68% of installed RAM)
    [!!] Maximum possible memory usage: 13.6G (86.13% of installed RAM)
    [OK]Slow queries: 0% (249/13M)
    [OK]Highest usage of available connections: 10% (53/512)
    [OK]Aborted connections: 0.00% (1/152718)
    [OK]Query cache efficiency: 40.8% (6M cached / 16M selects)
    [!!] Query cache prunes per day: 201366
    [OK]Sorts requiring temporary tables: 0% (1K temp sorts / 592K sorts)
    [!!] Joins performed without indexes: 37769
    [!!] Temporary tables created on disk: 62% (241K on disk / 383K total)
    [OK]Thread cache hit rate: 99% (1K created / 152K connections)
    [!!] Table cache hit rate: 8% (1K open / 17K opened)
    [OK]Open file limit used: 0% (535/465K)
    [OK]Table locks acquired immediately: 99% (3M immediate / 3M locks)

    -------- MyISAM Metrics -----------------------------------------------------
    [OK]Key buffer used: 100.0% (8M used / 8M cache)
    [OK]Key buffer size / total MyISAM indexes: 8.0M/400.0M
    [OK]Read Key buffer hit rate: 98.1% (136M cached / 2M reads)
    [!!] Write Key buffer hit rate: 33.6% (1M cached / 1M writes)

    -------- InnoDB Metrics -----------------------------------------------------
    [--] InnoDB is enabled.
    [!!] InnoDB buffer pool / data size: 2.0G/2.1G
    [!!] InnoDB buffer pool instances: 1
    [OK]InnoDB Used buffer: 100.00% (131071 used/ 131071 total)
    [OK]InnoDB Read buffer efficiency: 99.93% (498841994 hits/ 499170629 total)
    [!!] InnoDB Write buffer efficiency: 0.00% (0 hits/ 1 total)
    [OK]InnoDB log waits: 0.00% (0 waits / 258497 writes)

    -------- AriaDB Metrics -----------------------------------------------------
    [--] AriaDB is disabled.

    -------- Replication Metrics -------------------------------------------------
    [--] No replication slave(s) for this server.
    [--] This is a standalone server..

    -------- Recommendations -----------------------------------------------------
    General recommendations:
    Run OPTIMIZE TABLE to defragment tables for better performance
    Reduce your overall MySQL memory footprint for system stability
    Enable the slow query log to troubleshoot bad queries
    Increasing the query_cache size over 128M may reduce performance
    Adjust your join queries to always utilize indexes
    Temporary table size is already large - reduce result set size
    Reduce your SELECT DISTINCT queries without LIMIT clauses
    Increase table_open_cache gradually to avoid file descriptor limits
    Read this before increasing table_open_cache over 64:
    Beware that open_files_limit (465165) variable
    should be greater than table_open_cache ( 4096)
    Variables to adjust:
    query_cache_size (> 128M) [see warning above]
    join_buffer_size (> 16.0M, or always use indexes with joins)
    table_open_cache (> 4096)
    innodb_buffer_pool_size (>= 2G) if possible.

    As to the performance on my network page:
    Performance: Database: 0.184, Network: 0, Rendering: 0.033, Parser: 0, I/O: 0.02, Other: 0.142, Total: 0.379
    Sebastopol, CA
    David Benfell
    2 anos atrás
    @Friendica Developers , I'm all of a sudden getting occasional gateway timeouts on my ~friendica ~friendica at . It's not happening with the test installation at , though both run on the same web server.

    The timeouts are persistent; it takes at least a couple tries before the web page loads.
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