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!Friendica Developers

@Michael Vogel I need to transform an incoming message in a wall-to-wall from an addon. I'm using the "post_local_end" hook to catch incoming messages and check if object-type is my custom one. Then I want to alter the incoming message into a wall-to-wall post. It's more or less how forums works. Any pointer on the best way to implement this?
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@Gruppo Linux Como
Friclicli: Friendica CLI client
@Friendica Developers

I started to work on a CLI client for Friendica named friclicli. At the moment I'm working on the foundation of the client: A C library (called libfriclient) with functions representing Friendica API routes (one function per route). The client will use a curses interface (probably ncurses). To make requests to the Friendica API the libcurl library will be used. JSON data will be processed using the cJSON library.

The source code repository is here:

The client will be programmed in C and licensed under the GPLv3+.

#Friendica #Client #CLI #C
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So is Friendica next ?
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@Jason Robinson 🐍🍻
in reply to your message
But where do I find the domain names of the 328 friendica servers so I can register them to the federation info? I'm genuinely interested to improve the site, but I'm afraid I just can't find that many servers anywhere (not just friendica, but the others too). escreveu:
Hello @Jason Robinson 🐍🍻

We have a lists from May 2018 here:

If you want something more recent please let me know.
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Federated Git
This are some consideration about the "let's build a decentralized git solution" after the GitHub acquisition by Microsoft.

Let's start with the base: git is already decentralized. All you need is an url where other people can pull you code.
The workflow requires a way to let know other contributor about your clone and your work branch, and let them to merge it into their repos. Usually, a mailing list is used. This is the way kernel development works.
Nothing prevents you from using a federated social profile to do this (e.g, a forum profile on Friendica)
Then you need something where bug are reported. Another mailing list, another social profile? Can be.

What github/gitlab/gitea/wathever give you as a plus is a "home page" for the project where development and bug reports are easily managed and discoverable.
The downside is any of this solution require contributor to have an account there, also the self-hosted ones.

In my view, a federated replacement to git[hub,lab,ea] is not something that shout out an activity every single time a commit is inserted in the repo, but something that let me use the existing distribuited nature of git, giving me "enhanced" tools I can use with my federated identity, from my federated profile.

Ideally, I must be able to login with my federated identity (see Zot! and friendica remote auth, or OpenID) into the main instance to post bug reports, which lets me clone the repo in my instance (if supported) with a click of a button, from where I can send merge request.
Or I can just have my clone on cgit. so I must be able to initiate a merge request from the main instance. Then discussions in bug reports and merge request are federated, so I can interact with them in my timeline, If I want.
Too bad it doesn’t work well with Friendica incremental DB structure changes.
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E niente... il link Friendica non lo capisce. Ma che lo continuo ad usare a fare, boh
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New Friendiqa version on github
@Friendiqa @Friendica Developers Hi there, I published a new version of the Friendiqa Android app on github. New functions are viewing of private images of friends (slow but working), a reworking of the image download, more checks on the config page, a profile page, and many bugfixes. And Italian translation thanks to Davide De Prisco. Please test it.
If I don't get any issues, I plan to publish it in the Fdroid binary repo and Google Playstore.

@Davide De Prisco :-D
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il client per sailfishos che mi sono scritto non tiene conto del tag che orienta le foto quando le scala per inviarle su friendica. al momento non ho voglia di mettermi dietro a sistemarlo... mi spiace per il disagio,
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@Tobias I'm sorry to hear that :-( I remember Tony especially from my Friendica-days.
Bob Mottram
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@tobias That's really sad. I must have chatted with Tony over quite a few years on Friendica and Hubzilla. !Freedombone uses a version of his StatExpire script to expire old fediverse posts and stop databases getting infeasibly large.
Fabio 🎄
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This year as well I'll be at #FOSDEM in Bruxelles

Anyone wants to join in for a Mate (or a beer)? :-)

@Friendica Developers
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