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Really ? Was it an intentional decision or some bug ? I've been thinking for some time now to use GDrive as one of the sync targets, but never set it up
Fabio 🎄
2 meses atrás
It doesn't connect to the debugger, I'm sure I'm doing something wrong in config, but I never get the time to really look at it
xdebug stops working?
Fabio 🎄
2 meses atrás
Sometimes I'd like to use xdebug instead of adding "echo", "var_dump" and "die()" to scripts.
But it works once and then it stops and I don't have time to debug the debugger.....
Programming #php in for over ten years. Debugger use: Never. There's no PHP debugger.

(Just joking, there's kind of a debugger with full trace and timing, but since PHP executions are usually contained, there's little need for it outside of pure speed optimization)
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It took a while, but #Kontalk 4.1.1 is now also available on F-Droid:

Kontalk 4.1.1 - new emoji set

An update and a heads-up: 4.1.1 is now available in F-Droid, but in my case it is suffering from the ugly boot loop bug: Hopefully this will be fixed in future releases.
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Yes, I think it's a bug. Hence empty feed ;-)
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Friendica 3.5.3 released
I hope I've not forgotten anything ;-) Anyhow - we have just gotten Friendica 3.5.3 :-)

@Friendica Support
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#encripted #im #groupchat #kontalk @Gruppo Linux Como

Kontalk 4.0.0 - final group chat release

After a very long time... Compared to beta6.1, there are just a few bug fixes. For those coming from 3.1.10, here is a quick list of changes: group chats toggle encryption per chat internal logging system sticky conversations new app icon by Giovanni Lauricella organize preferences by category more reliable registration procedure Group chats work fine, but as a community project we always need your feedback for both bugs and improvements. Don't hesitate to open bugs at GitHub or discus...
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Thank you all for working on ~friendica ~friendica <3 #ilovefs

Be it with code, documentation, bug reports or silly questions to the support forum! Thanks for all of that :-D

@Friendica Support
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Claudia wrote the following post:
Das ist großartig Der Grund, warum es das gibt, ist übel :-/
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PHP & XDebug remote debugging
For remote debug with xdebug I've tried this

worked like a charm...

If someone of you is on #ArchLinux , there is a nice package on aur
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Yes I read it.
This is not a really a bug in the classical manner because the plan is to remove all tinymce (web-editor) code from frio.
- it's really hard to support both input methods (classical && web-editor) since they are working very differently
- the web-editor doesn't integrate very well in frio
- it also difficult in friendica core because at many places you have to respect 2 Editors (see autocompletion - the web does have it's own code for autocompletion). This makes future decisions really hard because you have always to respect the web-editor which behaves totally different

If it were up to me we would remove the web-editor completely and would rather focus on the standard editor and try to make this one more comfortable.

I know this answer is very disappointing for people who love the web-editor. Sry for that.
Nuremberg, Germany
Jens Tautenhahn
1 ano atrás
Issue with frio: autocomplete for contacts
@Friendica Theme Developer If frio is used and web editor is enabled then autocomplete for contacts does not work.

BTW: should I post issues with frio here or use a bugtrackers?
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More places for bugs to hide, yuppie ! :)
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[release notes] 2.0.4/Fiskarsinjoki [released] -

It took a long time before we delivered the previous update (2.0.2). Our goal now is to start providing updates in shorter intervals.
This update, 2.0.4 alias Fiskarsinjoki, introduces quite a few new features and bug fixes. One of the key new features is the option to save pictures and videos directly from the camera to the memory card. This helps to keep the Phone Memory from getting cluttered and in good shape. Another long-awaited new feature being introduced is conference calling. You can now rotate the device to landscape in Calculator to access the new scientific mode with support for high-precision, brackets and trigonometric and exponential operations. And, you can use Gallery edit options to adjust brightness and contrast of photos. You can also launch the synchronization of Calendar in the app itself, and share files from the File manager of Storage page (in Settings). Last but not least, we have upgraded the Browser engine.
Hypolite on Friendica
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I have no trouble switching to pre-wrap as I didn't know it existed until now (thanks @Rabuzarus.

For better code display I use SyntaxHighlighter on my own website (example) for line-counting, but it doesn't wrap long lines and doesn't offer the raw source popup feature.

As for the original issue, @Tobias correctly identified that new lines have been eaten away between Hubzilla and Friendica, which is more a bug than the code block not wrapping long lines of text.
Michael Vogel
1 ano atrás
I would declare it as a bug.
1 ano atrás
The bug is somewhere else - the line feeds are stripped away. When you have a look at the original, in front of every deb there has to be a new line.
Halle an der Saale
Steffen K9
1 ano atrás
Issue with long lines inside code blocks
Hello @Friendica Support and @Friendica Theme Developers
there is a visual problem with long lines inside codeblocks. I have this issue with frio and the latest develop code.

I also checked the issue with vier. Vier is using line breaks and the code block looks better.

Is this a bug? If so, I'll file a bug report on Github.

Have a nice Sunday!
Linux Walt
1 ano atrás de Friendica for Android
I believe Eugen said he's trying to follow actual written standards as much as possible. If there's a connection issue, one project or the other has a bug and it should be filed as such.
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Hehe, dann schreibe ich ihnen einen Bugreport, weil gerootet ist das Gerät ja nu nicht :-P

Eigentlich hatte ich überlegt wieder auf iTAN umzusteigen, aber dann kam die Mitteilung, dass sie das ganz auslaufen lassen wollen.
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Tried to answer Eugen today (we are not connected) here is the debug level info which I guess is relevant.
2016-10-09 14:39:42@wrk57fa56a3936227.60391516 [NORMAL]:notifier.php:561:notifier_run notifier: urldelivery:
2016-10-09 14:39:42@wrk57fa56a3936227.60391516 [NORMAL]:salmon.php:79:slapper slapper called for Data: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
2016-10-09 14:39:43@wrk57fa56a3936227.60391516 [NORMAL]:salmon.php:122:slapper compliant salmon failed. Falling back to hack2
2016-10-09 14:39:44@wrk57fa56a3936227.60391516 [NORMAL]:salmon.php:146:slapper compliant salmon failed. Falling back to hack3
2016-10-09 14:39:44@wrk57fa56a3936227.60391516 [NORMAL]:salmon.php:168:slapper slapper for returned 500
Michael Vogel
1 ano atrás
We have to have a look at the debug log to see what happens.
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I've done some checks.. my results:

- we fetch lrdd url with account uri without "acct:". I don't checked what webfinger specs says, but looks like Mastodont MUST receive accout prefixed by "acct:". If specs don't say that account uri MUST start with "acct:", Mastodont is too much strict. Anyway we could use "acct:" always

- Mastodont fill lrdd link rel="magic-public-key" href value without "data:". I think that is Mastodont bug in this side, because "href" should be an uri, and so must start with "data:".

I've patched Probe::detect() to always add "acct:" when fetching lrdd and Probe::ostatus() to accept base64 pubkey strings without "data:" , if you think it's worth.
Michael Vogel
2 anos atrás
Doing the Release?
@Friendica Developers Currently there are no nasty bugs open and all pull requests are done. Isn't it the time to finally do the release? Currently I'm working at a completely new routine for probing contact urls. It is working but the code still needs documentation and I like to replace some more functions around this probing as well. Additionally there seems to hide some more functionality in the old code that I want to examine before releasing it.

What d you think? @Fabio @Tobias @Rabuzarus
2 anos atrás
I write in German because I'am lazy :-) Das sollte auch kein Angriff/Kritik sein. Und war nicht gegen dich gerichtet. Wollte nur zum Ausdruck bringen, dass wir für vieles gute Konzepte brauchen und das in vielen Bereichen. Das mit dem Browser ist halt ein gutes Beispiel. Wie schaffen wir es das auf Smartphones das Ding immer noch gut aussieht und gut bedienbar ist. So habe ich es erstmal rausgelassen, weil ich einfach noch keine gute Idee hab. Und irgendwie fällt mir das bei so vielen Sachen auf. Teilweise bediene ich mich bei fremden Projekten um mir Inspiration zu holen, aber zu manchen Sachen fällt mir nichts gutes ein :-/

Nur als kleine Anmerkung (das soll nur eine Perspektive sein)
Bezüglich programmieren.... Ich persönlich fand es immer motivierender in bereits bestehenden Projekten "rumzufuschen" als von Grund auf alles von vorne zu lernen. Wann habe ich angefangen mit PHP? Glaub vor 1 1/2 Jahren. Erst Bugreports und dann versucht immer mal den Quellcode zu lesen. Zum größten Teil (andere werden da gerne widersprechen) ist PHP wenn man es ganz stark runter bricht zwei Sachen if/then Anweisungen und mache etwas mit einer Variable. Ich habe damals versucht friendica auf meinem Heimrechner zu installieren und dann Netbeans als IDE für debugging zu nutzen. Hat ganz schön lange gedauert bis es funktioniert hat. Aber ich konnte dann im Quellcode Haltepunkte setzen, an der Stelle an der die Ausführung es Codes pausiert werden sollte und ich konnte sehen vie sich die Variablen verändern. So hab ich stück für Stück verstanden was passiert. Viele Bereiche verstehe ich bis heute nicht (z.B. den ganzen Protokollkrams). Würde auch selber nicht sagen, dass ich viel Ahnung von der ganzen Materie habe :-) Aber man lernt halt immer ein Stückchen dazu. Und wenn man irgendwas nicht versteht, dann schaut man halt im Netz nach und wird meistens bei fündig.

Ach ja, trotzdem programmieren oder nicht programmieren ist eigentlich egal. Wir brauchen immer gute Bedienkonzepte und Ideen dazu. Ein Bsp. ist die Doku oder unsere Settings page. Ich finde das haben wir nicht gut gelöst. Da müsste mal aufgeräumt werden. Aber man müsste sich dem widmen und überlegen, wie man das besser strukturieren könnte und so dass es zum Schluss auch logisch aufgeht und trotzdem für zukünftige Sachen erweiterbar bleibt ohne, dass man es wieder komplett umschreiben muss, oder dass man dauernd nur etwas hinten dran klatscht und es immer unübersichtlicher wird. Und diese Aufgabe finde ich viel, viel schwieriger. So Sachen richtig logisch und richtig rund zu bekommen.

Ich stelle mir z.B. oft selbst die Frage, was mir lieber wäre. Meine lang vermissten Lieblingsfunktionen integriert zu haben oder das jemand kommt und Teile des Codes aufräumt (das zweiter würde man nach außen gar nicht mitbekommen). Aber ich komme immer wieder an den Punkt des sauberen Codes, weil es dann soviel andere Sachen einfacher machen würde (und auch verständlicher). Leider habe ich dafür zu wenig Visionen und zu wenig Wissen das selber machen zu können :-/
Steffen K9
2 anos atrás
I would absolutely love to help with development but unfortunately I can't. Besides some basic bash scripting skills I'm an absolute noob when it comes to programming. :-) Some time ago I bought a book about HTML, CSS and PHP and I survived ;-) some web based tutorials about "programming". But I don't think that was helping much.
On the other hand I'm running a server on develop branch an I do a lot of testing. If I find a bug or bad usability I'm happy to report this and to open an Github issue.

we need to care not just implementing things but implement it in a good way

Yes, I'm completely on your side here. :-)
2 anos atrás de open socialverse
prepare for my bug report, when my personal theme is not working on a node where it is not installed ;-)
Steffen K9
2 anos atrás
There was an issue with detecting feeds some days ago. A bug fix was released and I pulled the code from develop. So, it should work. Did you try this with ~friendica ~friendica or redredmatrix ^^
2 anos atrás
For some reason I feel it the weight of filing it. Where would the bug be ? My vier is different from your vier ?
2 anos atrás
looks like a bug..
Tim Schlotfeldt
2 anos atrás
Endlich, mit den KDE Applications 16.04.1 ist endlich dieser nervige #Akonadi-Fehler behoben:

Bug 362559 – Regression since 5.0.2: Dragging addresses from kaddressbook to new message fails

@Arch Linux
Tim Schlotfeldt
2 anos atrás
@Arch Linux (Repost)
Tim Schlotfeldt wrote the following post:
@Arch Linux Linux Aktuell gibt es einen auf Notebooks ärgerlichen Bug in #Network-Manager: [networkmanager]broken wifi-connection after upgrade to 1.0.12-1. Das war für mich Anlass, mich mit #ConnMan näher zu beschäftigen. Das Teil funktioniert gut. Nur #OpenVPN bekomme ich nicht ans laufen, speziell Einstellungen zu TUN und TAP.

Kennt sich da jemand aus?
Rebeka Catalina
2 anos atrás
Ich verwende ihn seit... naja, so seit 2 Jahren vielleicht. Er hat sein Macken - wir machen mit Sven Guckes eine workshop-Reihe, wo wir uns abwechselnd mit diversen shell tools beschaeftigen. mutt und vim sind natuerlich immer dabei - gestern haben wir ein Problem in meiner muttrc loesen koennen, was echt gedauert hat.
Ich habe mehrere mailboxes und source mit folder-hooks Dateien, die mir die smtp-settings from und real_name jeweils neu setzen. Ich hatte eigentlich alles richtig. Aus unbekannten Gruenden wird ein default ge-triggered - vermutlich weil mein username auf dem UNIX genauso heisst.
Das passierte aber nicht bei allen hooks. Ich hatte es aber so, dass meine ersten 10 mailboxes an einer Stelle standen und alle neuen per script darueber in der muttrc eingetragen wurden.

Wir fanden heraus, dass wenn der block mit den neuen hooks darunter ist, dass es dann funktioniert - aber das hat gedauert. Ein debug-mode waere zum Beispiel super :-D
2 anos atrás
:-D It's my Jolla client that resize the image before upload it and remove exif tags. but a bug there is because I re-rotated the image via web interface but the miniature is still wrong...
Elena ``of Valhalla''
2 anos atrás
It seems you have been infected by the same photo rotation bug that plagues @Davide De Prisco :D
Tim Schlotfeldt
2 anos atrás
@Arch Linux Aktuell gibt es einen auf Notebooks ärgerlichen Bug in #Network-Manager: [networkmanager]broken wifi-connection after upgrade to 1.0.12-1. Das war für mich Anlass, mich mit #ConnMan näher zu beschäftigen. Das Teil funktioniert gut. Nur #OpenVPN bekomme ich nicht ans laufen, speziell Einstellungen zu TUN und TAP.

Kennt sich da jemand aus?
2 anos atrás
Sure I always have a look at other design things. But march is full of doing stuff for university. So I will only have time to do small fixes.

And first I want to see what happens with because it is annoying to have always merge conflicts. And with such big commits I'm never sure if something is getting lost.

Yesterday I realized that there are some issues after
Go to edit contact and press the "update" link. It will redirect you to the wrong path. (

I would like to write a bug report but I don't know how to describe it in a good technical language.

In short: the redirection path is added to existing path and doesn't replace the existing path.
Tim Schlotfeldt
2 anos atrás
Ach ja, die Rewrite-Regel:

# Fix for KDE bug 355441
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule "^(.*\.ics)(/)$" "$1"
Tim Schlotfeldt
2 anos atrás
*seufz* Manchmal macht es #KDE einem nicht leicht, treu zu bleiben. #PIM ist sicherlich nicht nur für mich eine entscheidende Anwendungskategorie, und nun kann man auf einem #CalDav-Server kein Delete vornehmen, weil KIO http an jeder URL ein Slash dranhängt …

Bug 355441 – DAV Resource 15.12.0: Broken state, The item was not deleted on the server.

2 anos atrás
Proposal : Vier "comment" icon change
@Friendica Theme Developer

Current icon for "comment" in items isn't correct, imho.
the back-turning icon is usually used for "undo" action.
I'm not a Vier user and when I find myself using it I have to think too long to find the correct icon to add a comment.

Here a screenshot of the current state and a copule of quick mockups
federation test
2 anos atrás
Imagem/fotofederation test escreveu a seguinte publicação 53 seconds ago

WTF, I have just discovered that the two accounts in two hubs friendica, with whom I am having serious communication problems, use both 3.4.3-2 ... to be crazy !!!
This version is bugged.

Case closed.
2 anos atrás de Diaspora
Ich bin bisher mit dem stable channel sehr zufrieden. Es ist natürlich ubuntu touch. Der desktop mode geht mit dem nexus 4 auch, weil es einen slimport hat. Auf dem Handy kannst alle Apps vom Ubuntu Store installieren. Siehe Im Desktop mode kann man sich auch mehr installieren, aber das ist dann gefrickel. Ich habe selber auf der Shell gefrickelt, damit Kalender und Kontakte mit meiner Owncloud gesynct werden. Das geht sonst glaub ich nur mit nem Google Account. Für meine Ansprüche reicht es. Whatsapp nutze ich im Moment noch auf meinem alten Samsung. Das will ich aber eh sein lassen. Ein jabber client wär noch schön und die Owncloud integration.

Also es gibt noch bugs auf dem Gerät und auch bei den Apps. Darf man ja nicht verschweigen. Aber ich war wenig davon betroffen. Und es kommen fast täglich Aktualisierungen, die auch schon neue Features mitbringen.

Beim Nexus 4 ist auch ein Dualboot möglich. Wenn es gewünscht ist, kann ich da nähere Infos raus suchen.
2 anos atrás

Myths programmers believe about file paths

I recently had cause to debug some string handling problems in a python program.

The root cause of which was diagnosed to be a library function returning a file path as a unicode string.

I believe this to be fundamentally wrong, so I decided to write this article in the same vein as the Falsehoods programmers believe articles....
2 anos atrás
I was notified about you commenting on your message. But I wasn't watching this post. Bug ?
Tim Schlotfeldt
2 anos atrás
I did just a short search on heise online about Lenovo and Thinkpads:

- Linux kills ThinkPad (an UEFI firmware bug), Feb. 2014
- Security desaster because of the preinstalled Adware „Superfish“, Feb. 2015
- Security related bug in Lenovo's System Update Service tool, May 2015

Bad track record :-/
David Benfell
2 anos atrás
As to the update, that might be. I'm not sure.

Here's what mysqltuner says. I've had trouble following its recommendations in the past so I'm not sure what to do now. The server in question is fairly hefty so I can probably tweak some variables:
mysqltuner: /usr/local/bin/mysqltuner /usr/ports/databases/mysqltuner
vegan# mysqltuner
Please enter your MySQL administrative login: root
Please enter your MySQL administrative password: >> MySQLTuner 1.6.0 - Major Hayden <>
>> Bug reports, feature requests, and downloads at
>> Run with '--help' for additional options and output filtering
[--] Skipped version check for MySQLTuner script
[OK]Currently running supported MySQL version 5.5.47-MariaDB
[OK]Operating on 64-bit architecture

-------- Storage Engine Statistics -------------------------------------------
[--] Status: +Aria +CSV +InnoDB +MRG_MYISAM
[--] Data in MEMORY tables: 0B (Tables: 2)
[--] Data in MyISAM tables: 1G (Tables: 232)
[--] Data in InnoDB tables: 2G (Tables: 1077)
[!!] Total fragmented tables: 1091

-------- Security Recommendations -------------------------------------------
[OK]There is no anonymous account in all database users
[OK]All database users have passwords assigned
[!!] There is not basic password file list !

-------- Performance Metrics -------------------------------------------------
[--] Up for: 3d 12h 46m 22s (13M q [45.556 qps], 152K conn, TX: 248B, RX: 1B)
[--] Reads / Writes: 95% / 5%
[--] Binary logging is disabled
[--] Total buffers: 2.8G global + 21.6M per thread (512 max threads)
[OK]Maximum reached memory usage: 3.9G (24.68% of installed RAM)
[!!] Maximum possible memory usage: 13.6G (86.13% of installed RAM)
[OK]Slow queries: 0% (249/13M)
[OK]Highest usage of available connections: 10% (53/512)
[OK]Aborted connections: 0.00% (1/152718)
[OK]Query cache efficiency: 40.8% (6M cached / 16M selects)
[!!] Query cache prunes per day: 201366
[OK]Sorts requiring temporary tables: 0% (1K temp sorts / 592K sorts)
[!!] Joins performed without indexes: 37769
[!!] Temporary tables created on disk: 62% (241K on disk / 383K total)
[OK]Thread cache hit rate: 99% (1K created / 152K connections)
[!!] Table cache hit rate: 8% (1K open / 17K opened)
[OK]Open file limit used: 0% (535/465K)
[OK]Table locks acquired immediately: 99% (3M immediate / 3M locks)

-------- MyISAM Metrics -----------------------------------------------------
[OK]Key buffer used: 100.0% (8M used / 8M cache)
[OK]Key buffer size / total MyISAM indexes: 8.0M/400.0M
[OK]Read Key buffer hit rate: 98.1% (136M cached / 2M reads)
[!!] Write Key buffer hit rate: 33.6% (1M cached / 1M writes)

-------- InnoDB Metrics -----------------------------------------------------
[--] InnoDB is enabled.
[!!] InnoDB buffer pool / data size: 2.0G/2.1G
[!!] InnoDB buffer pool instances: 1
[OK]InnoDB Used buffer: 100.00% (131071 used/ 131071 total)
[OK]InnoDB Read buffer efficiency: 99.93% (498841994 hits/ 499170629 total)
[!!] InnoDB Write buffer efficiency: 0.00% (0 hits/ 1 total)
[OK]InnoDB log waits: 0.00% (0 waits / 258497 writes)

-------- AriaDB Metrics -----------------------------------------------------
[--] AriaDB is disabled.

-------- Replication Metrics -------------------------------------------------
[--] No replication slave(s) for this server.
[--] This is a standalone server..

-------- Recommendations -----------------------------------------------------
General recommendations:
Run OPTIMIZE TABLE to defragment tables for better performance
Reduce your overall MySQL memory footprint for system stability
Enable the slow query log to troubleshoot bad queries
Increasing the query_cache size over 128M may reduce performance
Adjust your join queries to always utilize indexes
Temporary table size is already large - reduce result set size
Reduce your SELECT DISTINCT queries without LIMIT clauses
Increase table_open_cache gradually to avoid file descriptor limits
Read this before increasing table_open_cache over 64:
Beware that open_files_limit (465165) variable
should be greater than table_open_cache ( 4096)
Variables to adjust:
query_cache_size (> 128M) [see warning above]
join_buffer_size (> 16.0M, or always use indexes with joins)
table_open_cache (> 4096)
innodb_buffer_pool_size (>= 2G) if possible.

As to the performance on my network page:
Performance: Database: 0.184, Network: 0, Rendering: 0.033, Parser: 0, I/O: 0.02, Other: 0.142, Total: 0.379
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