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new OStatus implementation: https://github.com/Gargron/mastodon

should be compatible with Gnu Social, but trying to connect to an user (e.g. main developer https://mastodon.social/users/Gargron ) from friendica results in "unknow network"
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Mike Macgirvin
There are several versions of the salmon spec and none of them are compatible with each other. They were all legal versions of the spec when they were created. Unfortunately there is no versioning in salmon so the only way to maintain backward compatibility is to send a message and see if it bounces. If it does, try another version of the spec until you've exhausted all known versions of the spec. So it looks like we'll now need 4 variants of salmon for StatusNet compatibility. Somebody should take the high ground here and if salmon won't provide versioning, OStatus can certainly tell you which version/signing-format it uses. This would be much better than poking around in the dark and wasting bandwidth trying different salmon flavours like we do now.
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Linux Walt
Gargron asks someone to join #mastodon in Freenode to work on interop.