Abinoam Jr
Git-backed wiki on GitHub
Hi friends,

GitHub wikis are 'git-backed'. I mean, they are full git repository indeed.

So we can do with them whatever we do with the 'main' repo.

The git url is post-pended with the 'wiki' word.

In our case git@github.com:friendica/friendica.git is the main repository url.

So the wiki's url is git@github.com:friendica/friendica.wiki.git

To work with images we should 'add' the file to the repo. That was the way I did with this "Ilustrated Guide".

I hope it's useful!

Some more reading:
* https://github.com/blog/699-making-github-more-open-git-backed-wikis
* https://github.com/blog/774-git-powered-wikis-improved
* https://github.com/github/gollum

Note: If some editor doesn't feel confortable with git and want to add images, just send them to me through friendica and I would be glad to help uploading them.

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