Walt (lnxwalt) to Mike via Wall-To-Wall:
4 years ago
The idea I'm getting is that future ~friendica ~friendica Red (and possibly #Friendica traditional) sites will need more resources than most shared hosting accounts can provide.

Meanwhile, there was a recent post where some of the deficiencies of #PHP for our puposes were noted. (Among them: lack of adequate support for threading and background processes.) It occurs to me that once we say that a #VPS is necessary the minimum requirement, that we're not restricted to the standard LAMP toolset any more.

My question is this: would it be a worthwhile endeavor to use something like #Python for ~f.currentversion + 2?

I ask this, fully aware that @Mike corroborates Joel Spolsky's view that Netscape's rewrite helped kill the company. I'm really just throwing out the possibility to see whether it may be helpful to the ~f project and community to think beyond the limitations of the present toolset.
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Waitman Gobble
4 years ago
better is tough :)
Abinoam Jr
4 years ago
@Mike , you're going the right way. You have something that ALREADY work. And you're giving everybody the opportunity to show their skills and help. It's meritocratic. The good devs will keep coming.
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