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This MathAjax thing is really awesome! It renders so pretty!

Thanks @Tobias Diekershoff for the plugin and integration with ~friendica ~friendica.

$$ \begin{aligned}
\nabla \times \vec{\mathbf{B}} -\, \frac1c\, \frac{\partial\vec{\mathbf{E}}}{\partial t} & = \frac{4\pi}{c}\vec{\mathbf{j}} \\ \nabla \cdot \vec{\mathbf{E}} & = 4 \pi \rho \\
\nabla \times \vec{\mathbf{E}}\, +\, \frac1c\, \frac{\partial\vec{\mathbf{B}}}{\partial t} & = \vec{\mathbf{0}} \\
\nabla \cdot \vec{\mathbf{B}} & = 0 \end{aligned} $$
Jepp MathJax is the best looking variant I found to have rendered LaTeX formulae in web documents. And you can put it on your own server to use a local copy - all you have to change is the base url option in the config then.