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Comment Notifications by Email - Threading Them

Hi Mike (and All),

Here's the screenshot of Mozilla Thunderbird.


I issued a pull request for you to have a look at the code.
This Friendica:Notify way is better indeed.

The only caveat I couldn't find a way out of it was... Gmail doesn't group messages with different subjects, even if they have the correct chained Message-Id and In-Reply-To field.

So, if the first subject is:
[Friendica:Notify] #649 Comment by Mike
and the second is
[Friendica:Notify] #649 Comment by Abinoam

(Same #649, and correctly chained by Message-ID and In-Reply-To)
They will not be "threaded" at GMail, and I guess it'll not be threaded on other mail softwares.

So, I think the "anonymous" notify subject should be the default.
The other way should be enabled by an "option" or a plugin, I think.

Put the name back into the subject by default and provide an option to replace the name by Somebody

@Mike, the "xxx commented", when properly threaded, is really more pleasant than "somebody commented" (I tested it in Thunderbird). The other way, to have ALL comments by one person threaded together on GMail is making some "conversations" (threads) to have more than 50 messages (and growing). So, I agree with you. Default to "xxx commented" and plugin to "Somebody commented".

git pulled and testing.

[Friendica:Notify] Comment to conversation #77421 by Tony Baldwin

looks very good - thanks :-) And the threading starts to work now too after I ctrl+T'ed in the friendika-notifications folder :headdesk