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BB Code
Improving your post style
[Note: Experimental feature!]

Friendica has support for BB Code.
Here is a list of the currently supported ones.

  • [b]bold[/b] - bold
  • [i]italic[/i] - italic
  • [u]underlined[/u] - underlined
  • [s]strike[/s] - strike
  • [color= red]red[/color] - red
  • [url=http://www.friendica.com]Friendica[/url] - Friendica
  • [img]http://friendica.com/sites/default/files/friendika-32.png[/img] - Image/photo
  • [code]code[/code] - Y29kZQ==
  • [quote]quote[/quote] - 
  • [quote=Author]Author? Me? No, no, no...[/quote] - 
    Author wrote:
    Author? Me? No, no, no...
  • [noparse], [nobb] and [pre] are used to escape bbcode.

You can make lists with:
  • [list]
  • [list=1]
  • [list=i]
  • [list=I] 
  • [list=a]
  • [list=A] 
  • [ul]
  • [ol]
For example:
[*] First list element
[*] Second list element

Will render something like: 
  • First list element
  • Second list element

There's also:
  • [hr]
  • [video]
  • [table]
  • [th]
  • [td]
  • [tr]
  • [center]

Tables? Yes!

[table border=1]
[th]Tables now[/th]
[td]Have headers[/td]

Tables now
Have headers

All sizes,
From the [size=xx-small] - xx-small.
To the [size=xx-large] - xx-large.
To fit exactly 20px use [size=20].

Enjoy them!

PS: For a better experience with BB Codes, disable RichText mode with the Editplain plugin.
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Thanks Tobias! \o/
Abinoam Jr
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