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Tech Preview - Frio Album Gallery
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LIke I mentioned already in other threads the last really "big" missing thing in the Frio theme is the template for the photo view (and related templates like for uploading and editing photos). I was very unsatisfied how the other themes do handle the photo view. Though I'm not active at the commercial social networks I like how fb and g+ does presenting the images in the album.

Last year, I often sat in front of my computer for a long time and tried several approaches to have a modern photo view in Frio but I always had to give up because it didn't work.

It seems that I have made some progress now.



What you see are the first steps (early alpha). There are still many things which need to be implemented. And many things to polish. This will last some time. So don't expect a pull request in the near future. Help is always welcome (especially for polishing the js part). Anyone who is interested can find the code at https://github.com/rabuzarus/friendica/tree/20170121_-_lightGalary_for_photo_view

If you want to see it in action you can visit my profile page (photo section). Select an album in the left side albums widget (you need to be in a album - it won't work for the "recent photos" page at the moment). Try to open a picture in a album.
If it doesn't work you maybe have to refresh your browser cache.

Note: This branch (and with this the photo gallery) will not be forever on my server. After some time I will switch back to the original developer branch to have the latest fixes/features.

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OK I have to change to the developer branch. So this tech preview will be no longer available.